Using wood pellets in a biomass boiler

A convenient and increasingly popular way to burn wood is in the form of pellets in a biomass boiler.  The wood pellets are normally made from virgin wood but some are made from saw dust from wood processing industries.   In 2013 as a part of the Moor Heating Project information on biomass boilers was published online.  The biomass boilers page includes information on sources of wood pellets and buying them as at February 2013.  It has not been updated but it is still useful.

See our page on Financial support for energy saving and generation.   The section on that page relevant to this technology is the one on the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Have a look at our advice on choosing an installer if you plan to install this technology.

For local case studies that use wood pellets follow the links below

GOH_2014_Case_Study_1991 Stone built house 

GOH_2014_Case_Study_1860s stone built house 

Green Open Farms Case Study Dunsley

GOH_2014_Case_Study Barn and wheel house conversion

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