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Our first Moor Sustainable seed swap

Today, we postponed normal business at our meeting to hold an inaugural seed swap. This time, it was just the directors but we can’t help thinking this should form the basis of a future event.

Seeds 2

It was very interesting to note different approaches to organising a seed collection, amongst the directors. We had seeds filed “in order of planting,” seeds filed “in plant families,” and seeds filed as “Flowers A-Z and Veggies A-Z.”

In spite of this abundance of system, there were still a few in the “mystery seeds – forgot to label” category!

Seeds 1

A great use for all those reply envelopes you get sent in junk mail!

Will anyone have success with the Blue Pumpkins? Will Clare enjoy the ‘Orrible ‘Ollyhocks? Will anyone be able to stop themselves calling the Astrantia “Husband’s Blood” instead of “Hadspen’s Blood?” Watch this space.


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