Moor Sustainable responds to the Government Consultation on the end of Feed-in Tariff and export payments

The work of Moor Sustainable has included encouraging home owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and to install renewable energy technologies.  On our web pages on those topics you will find links to case studies showing what local home owners have achieved.  We also have a page on financial support for energy savings and generation that we try to keep up to date.  It includes information on the Feed-in Tariff that supports electricity generation from renewable sources.  A few months ago we noted that the Feed-in Tariff scheme is planned to come to an end for new applicants on 31st March 2019.  If you are considering a PV system or other renewable electricity technology we suggest you read the YouGen article on How the Feed-in-Tariff ending in April 2019 could affect you and the ofgem FAQ: Announcement on Prospective Scheme Closure and then act fast to complete your installation before the deadline.  However it is vital to note there is a cap on the funds available for each technology as explained in the ofgem FAQs so some installations could end up without any funding.

The consultation on the ending of the Feed-in Tariff scheme has just ended.  While it was known that closure of the FiT scheme was coming it was a surprise to find that there is also a proposal to end export tariffs that are a simple mechanism by which home owners with PV systems and other generators are paid for the electricity they export to the grid.

Moor Sustainable considers ending of the FiT generation tariff and the export tariff would be a disaster for community energy groups and for schools and householders who want to do their bit to help in the fight against climate change.  The ending of the export tariff would be grossly unfair, effectively allowing the big electricity companies to steal electricity from home owners.  You can read our full response to the consultation here.