Hinderwell Community Solar Energy Project meeting: April 28th 2015

Tuesday 28th April 7.30pm

Hinderwell Village Hall, 7 Runswick Lane, Hinderwell TS13 5HP

Our recent feasibility project recommended a community owned ground mounted solar panel installation of 200 kW, about half an acre in space. The proposal is for it to be sited near Oakridge School, HInderwell and to feed into the school to reduce electricity consumption and costs. If you are interested in renewable energy or have any skills in community business please come along to:

  • Discuss the proposed site behind Oakridge School
  • Look at the financial case from Moor Sustainable’s accountant
  • Set up a new organisation to manage the project (lease, planning permission, Government incentives, community share issue, installation and future management)

It is an exciting prospect to have our own ‘solar smallholding’ in the area which as well as generating renewable energy will be attached to Oakridge School and so reduce their energy costs and will also pay an annual sum into a community pot which could be used for community projects. We hope you will be able to come along and look forward to seeing you there.

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