Green Open Homes 2015

Our second Green Open Homes event took place on Saturday 16th May.

GOH 2015

The photograph shows quite a hubbub at the Heatherley Hub, around 11am.

Most visitors decided to start their day at the Hub, where they were greeted with drinks, home baking and information about all the homes, technologies and Feed in Tariffs.

Technologies on show on the day included ground source heat, PV panels, solar thermal, a wind turbine, three different kinds of insulation and draught proofing measures.  What made this year different to last was the showcasing of ordinary domestic properties. We were pleased to be able to show a range of ages of property, including 1940s and 1980s homes, retrofitted with renewables and energy saving measures, and an energy efficient new build.

You can follow the links below to download case studies relating to each of the homes that were opened for viewing.

  1.  GOH 2015 Case Study ‘Heatherley’
  2. GOH 2015 Case Study Great Ayton new home
  3. GOH 2015 Case Study Great Ayton wind turbine
  4. GOH 2015 Case Study Guisborough 1980’s home

Further case studies are also available on the pages for two similar events organised by Moor Sustainable so follow the links below

Esk Valley and Coast Green Open Homes 2014

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33 visits were made to the Open Homes during the day. We found that most visitors were already actively engaged in making their homes energy efficient or just on the cusp of installing renewables. All visitors reported that this was a really useful opportunity to see technologies in use in ordinary houses and to chat to householders who had been through the process of installation.

“Keep up the good work!” was one parting shot.

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