Free Heat Pumps (October 2020)

North Yorkshire County Council has secured funding for energy efficient central heating in a major part of our area of operation.

Funding is available to finance the installation of 200 Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) in fuel poor households located in Hambleton, Richmondshire and Ryedale Districts, and Scarborough Borough. The funding is targeting properties that do not have an existing gas, oil or LPG central heating system and are located away from the gas network. Residents of the household must have a combined income of £21,000 or less with one member receiving at least one from a long list of state benefits.

Details of the scheme are given on the web page North Yorkshire Heat Pumps Project by the partner organisation Communitas Energy CIC. The web page has links to further details from the four district councils in the project area. Approximately 50 households can be helped in each council area of a first come first served basis. If this scheme would suit you it is worth inquiring and getting an application in as soon as you can.

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