Apple pressing events 2020

Following our first apple pressing project in 2019, Moor Sustainable has a selection of good equipment for crushing and pressing apples, and pasteurising the juice, all funded by the National Lotteries. 

We intended to loan the equipment out for community pressings within our area, and, despite the pandemic, we have had quite a successful season.  Obviously with all the restrictions we kept things small, avoided gathering groups of people together and limited the number of loans.  However, we still loaned the equipment out 9 times throughout the autumn.  These loans varied from individuals, or a couple of friends getting together to small community days, all with individuals strictly booked in to limit numbers. 

We think we had a record for most apples pressed at ‘Off The Rails’ at Glaisdale station where they recorded about 250 litres of juice – that is over half a tonne of apples, and much of it was going to be turned into cider.  The largest event was over 2 days at Ryedale Folk Museum at Hutton-le-Hole where they pressed the apples from their heritage orchard and anyone with apples could also book in to get them pressed.  We charged £30 a day for all the equipment, to cover our costs and towards any repairs etc needed in the future.

Apple pressing – Glaisdale

For more information about the project visit our apple pressing project page.

Would you like to run an apple juicing day in your community?
Please contact us as this equipment will be available for community use, in the future. For more information use the contact form or phone 01642 723137.