Brighten Up Great Ayton

Following the work in Waterfall Park in Great Ayton, Moor Sustainable is working with Great Ayton Parish Council and the Brighten Up Great Ayton group to improve the planting in the public areas of the village to make it more attractive to people and wildlife.

The first phase will run from January – June 2019, funded by North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities Programme with support from Great Ayton Parish Council and Brighten Up Great Ayton group, with:

  • launch walk around the village, leading to a plan for the village identifying a planting scheme which is resilient to climate change, including where and what to plant to benefit pollinators and look attractive, that is easy to maintain for a group of volunteers;
  • Training for those involved in the Brighten Up Great Ayton group and those that offered to help maintain Waterfall Park related to the role of bees in pollinating and how to maintain public planting;
  • Equipment for volunteers;
  • Bulbs, plants and seeds that are attractive to pollinators;

Funding is now being sought for phase 2: July 2019 – March 2020
for bee, bird and bat boxes;  to inform people about the work through a pollinator trail; to improve access to the riverside at Low Green; and to improve the water quality.

Planning for Pollinators poster image cropped