Wind Turbines

A 5 kW wind turbine

Blades are forced to rotate by the wind which drives an electric generator. Turbines need to be placed where there are persistent strong winds. Domestic system range from 1 kW to 6 kW. Sheltering from buildings and trees will have a big impact on efficiency, so choosing a good site and testing wind levels is crucial.

The UK has the best wind resource in Europe, an asset that has the potential to provide a considerable proportion of the UK energy market in years to come. Together with several innovative manufacturers, the UK has a chance of becoming a world leader in small wind energy technologies. The DTI estimates that by 2050, up to 30-40% of UK’s electricity generation could be produced by small and microgeneration technologies, including 6% from small wind energy generation. Small scale renewable energy technologies such as small wind turbines generate clean and renewable energy with no harmful emissions and can thus help reduce a significant proportion of the UK’s CO2 emissions.

See our page on Financial support for energy saving and generation.   The section on that page relevant to this technology was the one on the Feed-in Tariff but for a new system you need to know about the Smart Energy Guarantee that first became available in 2019.

Now that the Feed-in Tariff has been replaced by the Smart Energy Guarantee payments for export to the grid are less than the cost of importing electricity it is important to use the system to cut down on imports as much as possible.  For example electric appliances such as washing machines are best used on windy days.

With the new system of financial support it may be more worthwhile considering battery storage tahn it was in the past.  There is an introduction to the topic with some external links our page on Financial support for energy saving and generation.   We do not have any experience ourselves nor do we know of local examples or experience so cannot give any further advice.  Another possibility is to use the electricity generated by the wind to heat water for central heating and domestic hot water.  The third case study below provides an example of such a system.

Have a look at our information on choosing an installer if you plan to install this technology.

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