Energy is one of Moor Sustainable’s key themes.

The reduction of energy use and the generation of renewable energy are key to reducing our carbon footprint.

Visit our projects page to see the energy related projects that the Moor Sustainable team has undertaken.

To find out what you could do, look at our pages introducing the options and showing ways in which people in the area have reduced their use of energy and how people are generating energy locally:

The Esk Valley Community Energy Group worked since 2006 to reduce the community’s contribution to climate change by promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The group were instrumental in the production of several reports and articles relating to energy use in the Esk Valley. After nearly nine years of activity, the group ceased to operate in 2015 but, due to strong links and overlapping aims, the group decided that its assets should be transferred to Moor Sustainable CIC. This means that the work of the EVCEG will now be continued over the wider area of north east Yorkshire, covered by Moor Sustainable.  The web pages here that relate to the theme of energy are based on those that were originally part of the EVCEG website that no longer exists.  Case studies that describe local energy saving and renewable generation that were written by Moor Sustainable as a part of some of our projects have been incorporated and there has been some updating.

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