Community Solar Meeting

There was a real buzz around the room at the Community Solar Meeting in Mickleby, last night.

22 people from local villages came to hear the findings of an initial feasibility study looking into potential sites for community-owned solar pv in Mulgrave Ward. The meeting began with a joint presentation by Moor Sustainable CIC and My Green Investment CIC, covering the concept of community energy with its benefits for local empowerment and carbon reduction, the issues of siting a scheme in terms of likely capacity, grid connection and planning and, of course, the financial model.

If the right sites can be found, a community solar scheme would provide rental income to site-owners, a return to investors and an annual “community pot” for the benefit of local groups and causes.

The Q&A session revealed a healthy interest and an appetite for more information which was pursued over tea and biscuits, as people stayed to pour over maps and have more in depth discussions about the issues and possibilities. Community Solar Meeting Mickleby 3

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