Climate action – waste

Waste bin at Stokesley Show 2019

The Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group are promoting ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in the local area.

Reduce waste through, for example:

  • identifying shops that will allow customers to take their own containers to be filled
  • promoting water bottle refilling
  • supporting recycling at events such as Stokesley Show

Reuse through, for example:

  • identifying businesses or individuals who undertake repairs and maintenance of household items
  • calling for the reinstatement of an area at the local recycling centre for items that can be repaired /reused

Recycle through, for example:

  • publishing details of how and what to compost
  • highlighting where different items can be recycled
  • encouraging local councils to use recycled products

Key documents/links

Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group page