Book a slot to press your apples

Details of the public apple pressing sessions using our equipment:

Saturday 2 October at High Banks Farm East Barnby
Tel 01947 893983 or email.

Saturday 9 October at 28 The Lane, Mickleby
Tel 01947 840708 / 07866 235455 or email

Sunday 17 October at Avenue House, Great Fryup Dale, Lealholm
Tel 07981 396398/ 01947 666184 or email.

Please bring your apples already washed and with any bad bits cut out and you can crush and press them with our equipment. Bring clean containers for your juice; as a guide 10kg apples produces on average 5 litres of juice.

There will be a charge of £5 to cover costs of equipment hire. It may be possible to pasteurise your juice depending which event you go to, in which case you need to bring clean glass bottles (screw top wine bottles are ideal) and would cost 50p per bottle in addition.

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