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Online talk – advance notice

Expert botanist Martin Allen, will be giving an online talk ‘The story of Great Ayton’s High Street through the eyes of pollinators’ on Wednesday 10th February, starting at 7:30pm, following the route of a new Bug Trail which will be launched in Great Ayton once restrictions allow.  The trail aims to interest families in the natural and built heritage of the area by seeing how the planting for pollinators has changed over time as the village has developed and why it is important to now increase the number of plants suitable for pollinators and what part they can play. Booking details will be available nearer the time.

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Apples pressed – 2020

Following our first apple pressing project in 2019, Moor Sustainable has a selection of good equipment for crushing and pressing apples, and pasteurising the juice, all funded by the National Lotteries. 

We intended to loan the equipment out for community pressings within our area, and, despite the pandemic, we have had quite a successful season.  Obviously with all the restrictions we kept things small, avoided gathering groups of people together and limited the number of loans.  However, we still loaned the equipment out 9 times throughout the autumn.  These loans varied from individuals, or a couple of friends getting together to small community days, all with individuals strictly booked in to limit numbers. 

We think we had a record for most apples pressed at ‘Off The Rails’ at Glaisdale station where they recorded about 250 litres of juice – that is over half a tonne of apples, and much of it was going to be turned into cider.  The largest event was over 2 days at Ryedale Folk Museum at Hutton-le-Hole where they pressed the apples from their heritage orchard and anyone with apples could also book in to get them pressed.  We charged £30 a day for all the equipment, to cover our costs and towards any repairs etc needed in the future.

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Free Heat Pumps (October 2020)

North Yorkshire County Council has secured funding for energy efficient central heating in a major part of our area of operation.

Funding is available to finance the installation of 200 Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) in fuel poor households located in Hambleton, Richmondshire and Ryedale Districts, and Scarborough Borough. The funding is targeting properties that do not have an existing gas, oil or LPG central heating system and are located away from the gas network. Residents of the household must have a combined income of £21,000 or less with one member receiving at least one from a long list of state benefits.

Details of the scheme are given on the web page North Yorkshire Heat Pumps Project by the partner organisation Communitas Energy CIC. The web page has links to further details from the four district councils in the project area. Approximately 50 households can be helped in each council area of a first come first served basis. If this scheme would suit you it is worth inquiring and getting an application in as soon as you can.

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Apple Pressing 2020

Moor Sustainable has a good selection of apple pressing equipment from a project funded by the National Lotteries Community Fund last year. We have offered it for community loans this year.  There are a number of  events taking place throughout the region, including Hinderwell, Hutton-le-Hole, Great Ayton and Glaisdale. Due to Covid-19 these are small events and slots need to be booked beforehand to keep numbers below 6 at a time; there will also usually be a small charge.  Please email Clare Churley or tel 01947 840780 or 07866 235466 for more details.

Of particular interest might be the event on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October organised by Ryedale Folk Museum. Slots can be booked for this event via their website.

Apple pressing 2019

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New Green Homes Grant available from late September

The £2 billion available for the Green Homes Grant will fund energy saving measures for over 600,000 homes in England. It is more generous than previous similar schemes so is a good opportunity for anyone thinking of improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Insulation and other measures to improve the efficiency of the use of energy will be supported, as will the provision of heat using solar panels or heat pumps.

For most people up to £5,000 will be available to fund two thirds of the costs involved, but the scheme is more generous for people on benefits. The government will issue vouchers for approved projects that can be used to buy installations from approved suppliers. Vouchers will be available from late September and the scheme is expected to last until March 2021 (extended in November 2020 until March 2022).

Moor Sustainable has updated our website page on Financial support for energy saving and generation to explain how the scheme will work and to give you links to further details. With that information you will be able to start planning and contact suppliers so you could be ready to apply for your voucher as soon as the scheme becomes operational.

For those who do not yet have PV panels to generate electricity the same web page has been updated with the latest news on the Smart Export Guarantee that has replaced the Feed-in Tariff for new installations.

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