500 kg of apples pressed

Fun was had by all on Saturday in Great Ayton. At the end of a busy day approximately 500 kilograms of apples, many of which would have been left lying on the ground, were turned into 225 litres of lovely tasty apple juice.
If you missed the event in Great Ayton then why not come to one of our other community apple pressing sessions at Lythe, Beyond Boundaries in Commondale, Botton or Mickleby – see leaflet for details.

Thank you to the players of the #NationalLottery as these free events are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.



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  1. richard hauserman

    Thanks for a v. enjoyable apple pressing at Gt Ayton.
    If we wanted to run the same in our village (Appleton Wiske) what is the process ?
    Many thanks

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